Why not free and fair public health system in USA?

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I wasted entire day waiting for doctor to show up at UCLA for scheduled appointment. I was a contractor so I did not get paid for that day. The nurse and office clerks said all other doctors were very very busy. He showed up in the late afternoon and told me that he went with family for lunch out as he promised them a week ahead. He did express regret. No more than 5 minutes of meeting in his office, he did not do much except checking my pulse and suggested me to follow up after 30 days. I went there because I was suffering heavy chest pain. I received the copy of bill about 10 days and found they charged $1300 from insurance company and also urged me to responsible $370 for facilities cost. I have my insurance through my husband's work. I was surprised so called and spoke with ucla operators many times and also sent them my concern through postal mail but they said that was the normal procedure. No way I did not pay for it so they sent me to the collection. I wish I had a good lawyer.

That was the wow for my first and last time with ucla. I discussed this with a few other people and they also said don't worry that'd be taken care by insurance. That is bad. Where does insurance companies getting money for these? This system is broken. ucla is ripping off easily like that? I was so upset and never go back to ucla. I am just so pissed off.

Why public hospitals in United States could not provide the health insurance and service for all? Why do we have to pay almost $500 per month while we rarely use it once or twice a year. WHY?
asked Oct 11, 2012 in People by Zolo321 (41 points)

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This site could be an ideal.

If I were the president, I really would open more medical schools, add more medical courses in the class, require people to study it from their young age, have more doctors graduated each year, and much more.

Even if I were a strong congressman, I'll force this as a law.
answered Oct 6, 2013 by DScott (61 points)

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